Global PETS Forum Award 2012

Vital Petfood Group A/S wins Global PETS Forum Award 2012

Danish private label producer Vital Petfood Group (VPG) has been awarded the 2012 Global PETS Forum Award during the Award ceremony of the Global PETS Forum (GPF) in Berlin, Germany.
All nominees had to submit substantiated evidence of their excellence in several areas linked to the 2012 GPF theme.
VPG had the highest total score and was therefore named the winner.

Paul van der Raad, VPG Managing Director, received the Global PETS Forum Award from PETS International General Director Corine van Winden.

The 13th edition of the Global PETS Forum can be considered a huge success. 208 pet industry professionals from 30 different countries attended the conference in Berlin and let themselves be inspired by professional speakers.
The GPF once again offered numerous networking opportunities, which were used enthousiastically by the attendees.
Professional speakers informed attendees about the changing circumstances in today's world and how to adapt. Old marketing models were replaced with new ideas and the use of social media in the international pet industry was extensively discussed. Additionally, speakers talked about the ongoing merger and acquisition trend in our industry and how to deal with that.
The Friday programme brought two top speakers discussing the changes in pet retail and how to create new business/revenue models in order to completely adapt to the changing environment.

Source: PETS International.